Hi! My name is Kevin Sousa

My wife Kimberly and I own and operate several businesses online.

I've been in the Home Business Profession for 43 years and an online marketer for 20 of those years.

There are 3 very common challenges that we have experienced in this profession that many other people experience as well.

In this short video I will share with you a solution we discovered to those challenges that a trusted good friend of mine shared with us.

This is so good, that even seasoned marketers need to see this.

What are those 3 common challenges?

1 - So many people have a hard time finding people who are willing to look at their business.

2 - They keep getting one rejection after another.

3 - Hardly anyone at all responds to emails!

Whatever you do...

Do NOT leave this page!

What I'm about to share can quite possibly build a life-changing fortune for you..

It is finally very possible for you to make a full-time income from online marketing.

While working part time, on YOUR own schedule.


  • No more overdue bills
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  • No more worrying about your finances.

When you STOP trading your precious time for money, this IS possible.

I'll show you how, right now!

Our secret can help you:

  • Earn income
  • Pay off debt
  • Travel the world

This isn't your typical online marketing video.

So who are we?

You're smart to ask this question.

We're not the kind of people who make money from telling people they can make money.

Those get-rich-quick wizards sell their lifestyle and promise the world..

Yet FAIL to deliver any value.

They'll use every trick in the book to take your money.

People shouldn't be stripped of their hard-earned money...

Just because they're eager to live a better life.

We couldn't care less about becoming "online celebrities".

This isn't about us.

We're making this video to help YOU!

Once we tell you our secret, it's possible for you to FINALLY live the "laptop lifestyle" you've been reading about.

So what IS our secret?

And why is it so powerful?

I'm about to answer these questions (and more).

Let us share with you...

What the experts rarely talk about is:

HOW they actually make money!

Today we're putting an end to the "bait and switch".

And we will reveal to you WHAT the gurus are REALLY doing to make money.

It starts with something called a funnel.

A funnel is a way to introduce people to your product or service.

It's called a funnel because the goal is to attract the most-people possible at the TOP..

So you can have the best chance possible at making sales throughout the funnel.

In the marketing world, these people are called leads.

The more leads you get in your funnel, the more sales you make.

For example, let's say you have a funnel that attracts 100 leads every day.

And on average, you make 1 sale for every 100 leads.

This means you're getting 1 sale a day, right?

But here's where the magic happens.

And where life-changing fortunes are made.

If you get 200 leads into your funnel, you're making 2 sales a day.

And if you're able to get 1,000 leads into your funnel..

Simple math, right?

The more leads you get in your funnel, the more sales you make.

Here's the problem. Building leads costs a TON of money.

So unless your budget is tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars..

You're going to have a hard time getting good leads.

There are all kinds of ways to generate leads, online. But they all cost time, money and knowledge.

The beauty of what I'm about to show you is, it enables you to "stretch" the cost per lead.

Paying for fresh leads isn't easy.

And there are people like me who've been doing it for years.

So what's the better option?

What if I were to tell you, that you can use the SAME lead multiple times?

Which essentially allows you to "split" the cost of expensive leads?

This is, in fact, what many top marketers do.

But rarely talk about.

Splitting the cost per lead is one of the biggest secrets in online marketing.

And it allows even those with a tiny budget to get started.

There's a 100% legal "loophole" that only the smartest marketers use.

They're called permission-based leads.

Here's how they work.

When a new lead enters a funnel they have the option to request or deny more information.

If they say yes, then it's legal to send them promotions.

In fact, it's a disservice to NOT give them what they want.

They're literally telling you, "SEND ME MORE THINGS TO BUY!"

So how can they request more info?

All they have to do is click a small checkbox when they sign up.

You've probably seen these checkboxes before.

They usually say something like:

I estimate that millions of people check these boxes every day.

Meaning there are millions of potential customers "raising their hands"!

These leads WANT more information.

Once I figured this out, I stopped relying on doing the "hard work" of finding these leads from scratch.

And partnered with people who're willing to share their permission-based leads with me instead.

This little-known way to make money is rarely talked about by the gurus.

Even though they're making piles of money from what I just told you!

Making it as simple to sell ANY product or service I want.

The best part?

It takes me no more than 20 minutes a day to send offers to my leads.

All I have to do is write an email and click send.

I like to keep things simple.

And it can't get more simple than that!

It feels great knowing I'm actually sending info to leads who actually WANT to hear from me.

Instead of annoying someone.

In fact...

It's even common for people to THANK me for sending them things to buy!

If you want to follow in my footsteps...

And build the SAME daily stream of high-quality leads like me.

Let me ask you...

You heard that right.

You can receive 100 of these leads..


Why would these people do that?

Well, our partners have been fortunate enough to profit from leads for years already.

These select people are now at the point where they want to give back.

They still love making money.

But nowadays, seeing other people succeed is just as exciting.

This is why they are willing to share the same leads sourced from within their private network.

It wasn't easy to talk these partners into this.

They're HIGHLY protective of their "gold mine".

It took a lot of convincing before they agreed.

The only catch is they're only making this offer available for a limited time.

What exactly will you get when you say yes?

They will send you 100 hand-selected leads, every single day..

Including the first name...

Last name...

Email AND IP address...

And even the date of every lead they acquired!

What types of leads are they?

Those interested in Business Opportunity and Internet Marketing.

Which means if you're on this page, the leads are similar to you.

Because you share interests with these leads...

Writing emails to them is not difficult.

In fact it's a lot like writing a message to a friend!

For that, you'll have two options.

The first is you can download them in a spreadsheet and upload to your own mail delivery system.


Because they wanted to make this easy for you, they had their tech team design a done-for-you mailing system.

Making your life easier by allowing you to easily log in and send emails...

And be done for the day in 20 minutes, even if you're not a tech wizard.

Because this opportunity is open to the public, they cannot make it free.

There is a small investment required on your end.

But if you're thinking they're asking for thousands, don't worry.

Even though the cost to get these leads is high...

They are making them available at an extremely low price, so you can get started even if you're new.


Which is an average of $5,500 per day.

Or $165,000 per month!

This is COMPLETELY out of reach for the average person.

And if you're like me when I was starting out, you can't afford that.

So what's the actual investment amount?

It's much less than $30,000... $10,000... or $1,000.

In fact, it's even less than $500.

Don't let today be something you regret later.

They are helping people get started for a very low amount.

If they were offering their leads for just $100, they're sure they would get enough interest.

And within 1 day, they'd reach their cap for new members.

But they are doing something extra special right now.

And letting you get access for an amazing price.

For only $1 a day...

And a setup fee of $30 that you ONLY pay once, you'll get to mail these high-quality leads.

And they'll send 100 of them to you every day.

PLUS, they'll give you their custom-built mailing system.

If you really want to make money online, this will help you save thousand of dollars...

And years of time and frustration from doing this on your own.

They cannot keep this insanely generous offer up for long.

Click the button below to take the next step.

You can review what you get before completing your order.

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Take action now for just a one-time setup fee of $30...

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After your first month, it's just $1 a day to continue your membership.

When my trusted friend shared this with me, he said something so brutally honest, that I feel it is important enough to share with you, too.

He told my wife and I: "You can email these Leads every single day and it will grow to the point of TENS OF THOUSANDS of Leads and beyond!"

He was completely honest and up front about something vitally important about the results from these leads. He said..

"At first, very few of these leads will convert! You may even get a little bit discouraged."

"But don't let that happen because as your Leads grow to thousands, that will eventually start to bend the law of averages in your favor!"

My wife and I greatly appreciated his honesty and sure enough, he was right!

So, we immediately ordered our first 100 Leads, each.

As our number of Daily Leads grew, our results started to progress. Kim and I are not only very pleased, but we have a very good conscience sharing My Lead Gen Secret with YOU!

We are grateful that a man by the name of Jim Harmon put this entire program together.

Once again, this page may be gone when you return.

Since this announcement was made, they got a surge of new members.

And since they don't want to share their leads with too many people..

There's a limited time for you to join.

For just $1/day, you too can access the same types of leads millionaire marketers use to make money!

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